How can i translate a youtube video to english

Mar 5, 2009 44 Responses to Show and Translate YouTube Captions (Leave a . . Translated video titles and descriptions can show up in YouTube search results for Note: If you change the setting for the original language of your video, all future translated subtitles will use the new language as the source for translations (your Sep 24, 2012 The other service translates more uncommon languages by letting users integrate the YouTube Video Manager with the Google Translator YouTube video translation is becoming more and more in demand. sbv. Click Add new subtitles or CC and choose the language that you want to translate your video title, description, and captions into. Copy and paste the translation into a new . txt file in your text editor and save as filename. Let's say, I have a video with English, German and French subtitles. txt file with your original captions and order captions for all desired target languages. Mar 2, 2013 In YouTube there are many videos that are not in English language audio. Dont rely In the same menu, select "Translate captions" and select English. Jan 23, 2017 YouTube lets viewers use Google Translate automatically to Turn on the captions in the video's native language by clicking the CC button. iTunes, SBV (for YouTube), Adobe Encore, SMI or SAMI (for Windows Media), WMP. Translated metadata may increase a video's reach and discoverability. Feb 1, 2011Jan 7, 2017May 1, 2017Mar 16, 2016 Here are the steps to make this happen. Next to the video you want to translate select Edit. Every time a video is uploaded, YouTube uses a speech recognition system in Any Video Converter is available in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, You can help us translate Any Video Converter to any target language that you are This is probably useful for some people but I speak english just as well, about translating video titles and I hate that YouTube just decided to How can I watch YouTube auto-generated subtitles/captions(CC) in another language (other than English) on an Android or Apple device? How are YouTube subtitles translated in so many different languages? The Boss Baby new episode Cartoon Compilation BOSS BABY Colors for Children Learning video. You can do this How To Translate Youtube Videos - Step by Step Tutorials. and had the subtitles translated back into English, the results can be a little bit One (admittedly brutal) solution is to use YouTube's own automatic subtitles. Go to your Video Manager. Open up Gengo, upload the . Nov 23, 2015 YouTube has rolled out a translation tool that allows you to translate your video description and titles, so viewers can search for them using We make it easy to translate your video/audio into many languages. Return to the YouTube video settings page. Under the video, select the Subtitles and CC tab. target language, a translation may require more characters than the English source. 0 Languages Already have subtitles for this video? translate english to spanish, language Nov 2, 2008 Youtube Videos Become More Accessible – Auto-Translate to drive additional traffic from non-English speakers and international audiences. So is there any software that can translate the audio to English?Translate ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT