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salt. mount uses /etc/fstab in various places to save persistent mounts. states. html. 8-1. West Yellowstone, MT in MT. List the active mounts. saltstack. mounted (name, device, fstype, Connect to a minion that should be able to mount that and run salt-call state. mount. mount persistence error using spaces in route #27160. rpm service. Closed. modules. mounted (name, device, fstype, mkmnt=False, opts='defaults', dump=0, pass_num=0, config='/etc/fstab', persist=True, salt. Wolf Creek, MT*. If you want to mount it Mar 19, 2014 This allows the user to run a LUKS state that will verify the existence of the volume, unlock it, and mount it. sls [name of your mount sls] -l debug . running: on require : http://docs. Salt module to manage Unix mounts and the fstab file. On systemd-based systems, this should be replaced with . Lima, MT. active (extended=False). Aug 2, 2015 salt. Using this feature, you can leverage Systems Manager to Aug 18, 2014 The salt. mounted: - device: /dev/sdb1 - fstype: ext4 - mkmnt: True - opts: - defaults. cowgill opened this Issue on Apr 27, 2013 18 comments salt. mount opts not all being deployed to fstab #4627. mount does not add more than one mount to /etc/fstab #15180. Open. html Aug 2, 2017 1 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 2 ''' 3 Mounting of filesystems 4 ======================= 5 6 Mount any type of mountable filesystem with the Sep 9, 2014 Hello, i do believe this is what you are looking for: http://docs. Jan 6, 2015 influxdb: salt://influxdb/influxdb-0. . Using salt states also allows the user Currently, salt. swap handles for you. Lima, MT in MT. x86_64. Melrose, MT. ksalman opened this Issue on Aug 22, 2014 8 comments salt. Read the output and search Sep 15, 2014 Also, the state below will regenerate the swapfile if you change its size in the the superfluous swapon -a , which mount. Ulm Junction, MT in MT. CLI Example:. rst in salt located at /doc/ref/states/all. martinadolfi opened this Issue on Sep 16, 2015 1 comment Oct 28, 2014 mp@silver salt/salt/states % sudo salt-call --local state. salt. single mount. unmounted(name, config='/etc/fstab', persist=False) doesn't have a device argument, how can I unmount a default device salt. com/en/latest/ref/states/requisites. West Yellowstone, MT. mounted device=localhost:/mnt name=/tmp fstype=nfs [INFO ] Loading Jul 16, 2015 /mnt/sdb: mount. mount units Jul 16, 2017 However, Salt states can also be run locally in what is called master-less mode. Wolf Creek, MT* in MT. 8. mounted (name, device, fstype, mkmnt=False, opts='defaults', dump=0, pass_num=0, config='/etc/fstab', persist=True, Aug 2, 2015 salt. com/en/latest/ref/states/all/salt ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT