New Years Day Winter Wonderland Wedding at Breaffy House Hotel

So our story started with “mammy will you marry our daddy”. 22nd December 2011, all snuggled up on the couch with our 11 month old baby Luke, when our older boy Ben walks in and asks the question, to which I started laughing and said ah I will do someday Ben. He then said “but look we went shopping and even bought you a ring”, he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a jewellery box, opened it up and there sparkling up at me wast the most beautiful ring. Then Darragh walks in and says “so mammy will you marry me?”. Well poor Luke nearly got thrown into the air ! It was the most perfect proposal, for our 2 boys to be so involved just makes it so memorable and special.

We were quick on deciding that we would love a new years day wedding, what a way to start the new year!! (and an anniversary he couldn’t possible forget). We were lucky our chosen venue Breaffy House Hotel was available on our date 1-1-2014, so we booked it quickly! I also bought my dress local from Elegant Touch bridal. Our church was a 1pm service, I was walked down the aisle to the beautiful singing of “I cant help falling in love with you” by my dad and my little man Luke. Ben had gone ahead with the flower girls holding a sign saying “Daddy here comes your bride” needless to say that started the tears, Ben also done the first prayer of the faithful for us, very cute as he was only 3 and a half. Upon arrival guests were greeted with canapés and wowed by a beautiful ice sculpture we had made that would serve the champagne.

I had some personalised cupcakes made for each kid, and they loved them. A good friend of ours offered her services of draping the room for us, to give the room the “winter wonderland effect”. The room looked beyond amazing, our guests were in awe upon entering it. Each table was decorated with crystal globes, beautiful baby breath and white rose displays and candles! It really was breathtaking! We had an amazing 5 course meal. I had a childminder organised to take the kids (there was 10 small kids at it) of to the playroom for some fun games for the Speeches, but not before they helped themselves to the sweet table i had made up !

We had a comedian organised for after the meal as a surprise, he was brilliant and really gave everyone a lift after the meal. Our first dance was the 4 of us dancing to “The Lumineers Hey ho” it was Bens favourite song so we happily choose that! The day was nothing short of perfect and my face was sore from smiling! It really meant so much for our kids to have being such big part of our amazing day.

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Best day of our lives! by Arianne & Garrett

Garrett left Ireland to do a round the world trip after his PhD and ended up in Sydney, Australia when finances started to ran out. At the time I was still doing my Masters in Nursing at the University of Sydney. He found a job and was not planning to stay for long but ended up staying for about 3-4years. After 6 months of his stay in Sydney, Garrett and I met at a random night out in Oxford St and had a crazy dance off and this is how our story started. Since we met we have never really been apart, we moved in after a few months together and later decided to move back to Ireland.


After a year in Ireland, we travelled around South Africa and made me climb up the steep Table Mountain and when we got to the top, admiring the views, Garrett suddenly got weak on the knees and proposed!

As soon as he proposed we knew straightaway that we’d love to get married in the Philippines. So we excitedly told family and friends that we got engaged, told them the location so they can save up! :-) I, being a super excited, have pretty much researched and booked the important things before we even got back from our holiday. A week after getting back from South Africa, we had more good news and found out we were expecting a baby so we had a long engagement, long enough so our baby could walk down the aisle!


Organising our wedding from Ireland was not easy especially with a baby so I got Detalye weddings to help me organise our wedding. We got married on the 30th December, 2014 at Chapel on the Hill followed by reception at HillCreek Gardens Tagaytay. We both love the outdoors so we chose to get married in a church with lovely mountain views and we had a garden reception. Most of our guests travelled for our wedding so we made sure that the wedding will be a special experience for them too. We had a traditional Filipino wedding ceremony, Garrett and all the men at the bridal party all wore the traditional formal wear called Barong. We had the candle, veil and cord ceremony. We had full choir and quartet for church music. There was a traditional ice cream cart waiting outside after church ceremony. Guests were then transported by bus to the reception where guests where welcomed with hors d’oeuvres, frozen margaritas and many other drink choices.

We had a choir, quartet, band and a DJ for music throughout the reception to dance the night away. We thanked our guests by giving the ladies freshwater pearl earrings and cufflinks for the men as favours, the kids also got backpacks with activity book, crayons, bubbles, toy watch and snacks. Our prenup photos where played whilst waiting for the bridal party’s grand entrance with sparklers and indoor fireworks. We went for a buffet reception to give guests more choice and for a change. We had SDE video shown before we cut the cake, which was worth every penny! Just after the cake was cut we had a spectacular 5 minute firework display with the band singing Firework by Katy Perry in the background, which was a hit to the guests! We then had the shoe game, bouquet and garter tossing, which was a great laugh and breaks all formalities of a wedding before the dancing began and bartenders start serving shots on the dance floor! It was definitely a great way to end the year!

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We thought we were going to have a small wedding as we weren’t expecting many to travel the distance not to mention the costs involved. We had 130 guests on the day, which was a great turn out and we thank and appreciate each and every one of our family and friends who travelled from all over the world to celebrate our special day with us.

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Gina & Eoin @ Sunset Beach Club Spain

We celebrated our special day on the 25th of April 2015. The wedding took place in Benalmadena, Spain. We wanted to do something different and have the opportunity for one big friends/family holiday (plus getting hitched) The day was so special. We had so much time with our guests as all went over days prior to the wedding. We had visited the hotel before a year before to have the wedding taster meal.

Unfortunately I had a reaction to the food, when i got home i went to the doctor and they couldn’t tell me why. We loved the place and took a chance of a red faced bride! The meal and reception was held in the Sunset Beach Club, just by the beach. (I didn’t have a reaction on the day) Thank god!

We both thought that maybe 20 of our friends and family would make it over, to our surprise 80 people agreed to come! Some from as far and USA and Australia. And what a party we had! The ceremony was held in a catholic church. The priest was so funny, and decided to surprise us by asking Eoin first, what he liked and didn’t like about me. To everyone’s surprise he said I can be sometimes LOUD! this was very funny in the church. I had time to prepare for with my answer, to which I said, I love everything about him :)

We had a brilliant wedding planner which made the day go off without a problem. I would love to go back one day! Drag the 80 people back maybe :)

Gina and Eoin

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Boracay Wedding Ken and Sherylin in Sea Wind Resort

10th November 2012 was our special day. When Ken and I visited Boracay, Philippines in 2011, he told me that he wanted to get married in that beautiful island. After he proposed in December 2011 and told our families of our engagement, the first thing we did was to contact resorts in Boracay.

We kept the wedding simple and the details were all about us. From the Cayman Island coins we used in the ceremony, to the Cayman Island rum cake that we gave to guests, to the table names which were Cayman Island places significant to us, to the passport invite, up to the colour motif which was purple, our favourite colour. We also gave Filipino wines to overseas guests and put Irish and Filipino sweets, and of course Irish tea bags, in our loot bags.

The ceremony was held in a Catholic church in the island and the reception followed on the beach.

We were very much overwhelmed by all the people who flew from different places to attend our wedding. It was a small wedding yet complete. We also got free fireworks that night (courtesy I think of another wedding in Boracay) which made the night more magical!

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Janice & Patrick’s City Centre Love & Marriage (Vienna Woods Hotel)

It all began three years ago when I met Patrick through our mutual friend in our local city pub. Patrick had planned to return to Australia for work but alas it was love at first sight and we were instantly smitten, his words not mine! Eighteen months later, after a whirlwind romance Patrick popped the question Christmas morning and thus we set upon planning our special day.

As we love the city we decided we wanted to have a big party with all the people that we love there. There would be a few traditional twists along the way, we opted for a civil marriage ceremony as it allowed us add a personal touch and I chose three of my males friends to be my bridesmaids (bridesmen)! The theme was Old Hollywood and as the weather would be cold we asked our guests would they wear black tie to add some extra old school glamour and fun. Although, the attire was formal but it was a relaxed affair and the effort and turnout was humbling. Keeping it Cork we used Cork suppliers and some creative friends got on board.

After fourteen months of excitement and planning, February 20th 2015 arrived. The ceremony was held in the Triskel Christchurch in the heart of the city, it is now a cultural and artistic centre managed by the Triskel Arts Centre and as we had coffee and movie dates there it was perfect and suited our personalities. Inside it was dark and atmospheric and as I entered the energy was electric. The groom was cool and calm and we hugged, I knew we were exactly where we were supposed to be. Our documentary photographer was unique and he captured some spontaneous moments, we wanted our photos to be natural and not posed so that they would tell the story of the day. We were lucky to have Karen Underwood sing throughout the ceremony and she belted out some serious soul.

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After our ceremony we headed to where it had all began and had a quick drink and a few kisses, ahem, before continuing onto the old worldly Vienna Woods for a champagne/mulled wine/espresso martini reception. Dinner, dancing and a cheese cake literally made of cheese was on the menu and everyone rocked into the night. A fun photo booth was another little highlight of the evening. We had the best day and we were even more thrilled that our family and friends had a great day too.

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Outdoor Fairytale – Wedding Of Amy & Jonathan in Maryborough House Hotel

Jonathan and I are together 13 years now, having met and fell in love when we were still in school. We have two beautiful children Abigail 10, and Nathan 6. We wanted to get married for so long, and we wanted to make it as memorable experience so we saved and saved whilst planning the day of our dreams. I have always thought outside the box and racked my brain for something we could do for our wedding that would ‘wow’ our guests.

After deciding on the Maryborough House for our wedding I then got thinking if it was possible to hold a ceremony outdoors. Seen as the grounds are so beautiful. I got to Googling and although the outdoor ceremony was not legally passed yet, there were no laws against it either. I booked a minister, Miriam Fitzgerald, with the Spiritual Union of Ireland and she talked us through the choices of ceremonies. I did not realize how personal the ceremony would be, as Jonathan and I were talking to Miriam, she was taking notes on her impression of us as a couple. She personalized the whole ceremony around that.

I booked Cork Weddings and Events for flowers and decor. Iris loved the challenge of creating something different and this was her first out door wedding, she explained how she would create an aisle in the gardens and use flower arrangements and arch to compliment the surroundings. My mind was instantly put at ease knowing we were on the same page and visualizing the same thing :)

Annmaria was our wedding consultant with the Maryborough. She was equally as excited about the hotel’s first outdoor wedding. She reminded me that we are in fact in Ireland and the weather us a huge factor. Annamaria assured me that we would have a back up ceremony space ready should the weather not be on our side, we had meetings and lunches in the build up to the big day and I was really confident that she had everything under control, from the ceremony space to the drinks reception and choice of food for our guests.

Months went on as Jonathan and I were booking cars, music, suits, hair makeup etc. We decided not to tell our guests about the outdoor ceremony as it wasn’t certain due to unpredictable weather.

When our day came around 29th of May 2014, we were truly blessed! It was 20°c and no sign of any rain. Jonathan was nervous that we would be mid ceremony and it start lashing but somehow I wasn’t thinking like that, I was very positive and felt a sense of all is going to plan :) Jonathan said when he saw our guests arrive and they were escorted out to the gardens, each and everyone of them had a look if awe and surprise on their faces!

Our ceremony was unique and personal with a teary reading from my brother which left a lot of our guests in tears to a beautiful sansands ceremony to include our children and symbolize the union of our family. The singing was by Gemini, who were breath taking!
After the ceremony, our guests simply had to walk a few steps to the dome marquee for the drinks reception, The lounge man set the tone and atmosphere with his swing/Bublé style and waiters served canopes and prosecco. We had our photographs, done by Klickapic Cork, all outdoors. It was nice to see our guests enjoying themselves whilst we were photographed :)

After the drinks reception our guests were called to the Sherrard Suite for the meal, after everyone was seated, Jonathan and I made our entrance to a very apt song ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams. I think we floated in to the room instead of walking!
Everyone loved the food, there was full and plenty and the wine was flowing. The atmosphere was electric! I remember saying to Jonathan whilst we were at the top table ” this is amazing, look at all our friends and family enjoying themselves”. Jonathan told me of his relief that it didn’t rain for the ceremony! He was more nervous about that than me being late it think! :)

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Gemini set up again for the evening entertainment, the dance-floor was never empty from start to finish. They really know how to please a crowd! I don’t know where we got the energy from but we managed to continue to festivities right through until 6am! The staff at the Maryborough were still poring champagne and treating us like royalty :) It really was an amazing unforgettable day and the feedback and comments from our guests were overwhelming.



I hope you have enjoyed our little outdoor fairytale. Wish we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing! :)

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Magical Time In a Magical Land Wedding of Vicky & Paul in Maple Hotel Bangkok

We had our wedding in Bangkok, Thailand with all of our family and friends. We had Thai morning ceremony it was 32 degree and we had a wonderful evening reception with nine tier wedding cake.

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Wedding of Paul and Suzanne in The Westin, Dublin

Paul and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2011 in the Botanic Gardens. We knew what we wanted for a honeymoon before we started planning the wedding so this is how the date was set for just after Christmas, 28th December 2012. We had a pretty easy time of planning until disaster struck in May…our original venue cancelled leaving us stranded!

Through sheer luck we managed to book for the same day in The Westin Hotel, and looking back, it seemed that it worked out even better than we planned. I’m a graphic designer so I came up with a theme and colour scheme and made all the invitations, menus, place cards, table names, table plan etc.

Our theme was woodland as a nice throwback to where we got engaged. My family is huge but Paul’s is quite small so we decided to keep the reception to 60 people, it made it very intimate and special. We asked along an extra 100 or so to the afters to make a party of it! We think it was the best of both worlds. Our honeymoon lasted 6 weeks, with a week in Sydney, 4 weeks travelling around New Zealand and a week to relax on the way home in Koh Samui. It was such a perfect end to an exciting year of planning and a beautiful winter wedding.

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Love is Love for #MarcusPhilip @ Kilashee House Hotel and Spa

You couldn’t ask for a bigger build up to your special day, than three months of what can only be described as your country debating the relevance and importance of the love you have for your partner.

Me and Philip had been together for 12 years, and decided to take the plunge, in whatever capacity we could – it was to be a civil partnership in June 2015, and now, hopefully, an upgrade to Full Marriage later in the year. The overwhelming Yes vote put us and our friends in great spirits for what was the Biggest and Best day of our lives.

On June 13th, Myself and Philip entered into a Civil Partnership in Kilashee House in Naas. We arrived the night before, with our immediate family, and began the celebrations, quietly, with a slap up meal and a few proseccos at the Hotel Bar.

We awoke early on the day of the wedding, to utilise the Hotel gym and leisure facilities. While Philip worked out, I made the most of the sauna and Jacuzzi! One of the benefits of having the service at the Hotel, was planning a late kick off. It gave us plenty of time to relax and enjoy the day. Obviously, as 3:30pm fast approached, you realise there is never enough time.

Although two guys don’t really require the service of a make up artist, weddings are not just about the happy couple. We had Ken Boylan in to beautify our family, and also utilised the services of the Hotel Stylists.

The food after the ceremony was just superb. I have never had a better chocolate chip cookie. The guests were raving about it all. This was even surpassed at the meal. The hotel did so much better than we had planned. We had so many compliments – the best fillet beef you can imagine, just melted in your mouth.

016 marcus philip killashee house-16 071 marcus philip killashee house-71 079 marcus philip killashee house-79 111 marcus philip killashee house-111 123 marcus philip killashee house-123 133 marcus philip killashee house-133 138 marcus philip killashee house-138 143 marcus philip killashee house-143 153 marcus philip killashee house-153 166 marcus philip killashee house-166

We had a spiritual ceremony, presided over by Deborah Boyle. It was more than just special. We worked with Deborah to personalise our service, and she encouraged us to write the ceremony and even the readings. Obviously, we are a little biased, but it was truly amazing. Deborah looked the part and moved us all with her words. The hotel prepared the room just as we asked, curtains were pulled and candles and rose petals covered the room. The music was just magical, as was the voice of Nikki Kavanagh. We had agreed the entrance song months earlier, but as a surprise, Philip had changed it to Suddenly, by Angry Anderson – any 30-something’s guilty wish- this is when the tears started, and pretty much didn’t end until the next morning.

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We dreaded the speeches. We had no groom party, so it was just the two of us. We decided to do them before the meal, so we could hopefully enjoy the rest of the day. Perhaps it was the shot of vodka, or perhaps it was just the intimacy of the room, and seeing the faces of your loved ones with big smiles, but you had to battle to take the microphone from us, in the end.

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The wedding cake was amazing. Amazing Cakes lived up to their name. It looked special, was unique to us, and was just as we had imagined, and it tasted divine.

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The DJ was from Midland DJs. Now, once again bias probably kicks in again, but the DJ did exactly as we had asked. Obviously not everyone would have our tastes, but he kept the dance floor filled for the entire night, and pretty much kept to our requests and guidelines, which I suppose is all you can ask for.

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My words don’t describe how the day made us feel. You hope for perfection, and you quietly expect to be a little disappointed – you are waiting for something to go wrong – but it never happened. It was truly our dream wedding, from walking up the aisle, to burning off the food on the dance floor – we just want to do it all over again. (Bring on our Civil Marriage).

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