Do This before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, if not the most important. It is perfectly normal for you to want every single aspect to run smoothly. One way you can ensure this is by hiring a wedding planner. These professionals can help with every little detail. However, you can end up being ripped off and with more stress if you hire in a rush.

Here’s what you should do before hiring a wedding planner.

  1. Assess your budget

A planner is an extra addition to your wedding budget. As a result, you should assess your budget to see if it allows for this added cost. Generally, wedding planners charge an hourly rate, a percentage of the overall budget or a flat fee for their services.

Your budget will assist you in choosing the most favourable planner to hire. For example, you may have budget constraints but still want to hire a planner without compromising on quality. In such a case, you can go for a planner who charges an hourly rate or a day-of wedding coordinator as opposed to one who offers cheap services. Cheap often comes with less experience and poor qualitySaving money for wedding

  1. Do your research

Reach out to family members and friends for referrals. Spend some time online checking out the websites of prospective planners. Check out their online presence and credentials. Find out whether they are accredited.

Have a look at photos of recent weddings they have planned. Do they impress you? Is there a particular style that all the weddings share? If yes, this is probably the style the planner has the most experience in. If you don’t like it, move on to the next planner.

These tips will help you narrow your wedding planner choices.

Happy smiling couple surfing the net and enjoy the summer at tropical beach

  1. Call your favourites

After narrowing down your list to three or four planners, give each one a call. Ask about the type of services they offer, their price range and their availability. Book an appointment with those that suit your needs and budget.

  1. Know their personality

A wedding planner may have it all: affordable services, outstanding credentials and plenty of contacts. But what if they are a bit cold or very argumentative? Your wedding planner will be very important to you throughout your engagement. He or she should make you feel relaxed and develop a sense of trust. If you can’t stand his or he behaviour, look for someone else you can easily get along with.

  1. Share your vision

As you interview different wedding planners, pay close attention to how they feel about your vision. Are they excited by your ideas? Are they trying to change your vision?

It’s your day! A good planner should understand your vision, be open to your ideas, offer suggestions to expand on them and know how to bring your vision to reality.voltaire weddings,  wedding website, bride, groom

  1. Read the fine print

You’ve done your homework and found someone you’d like to work with. Do you go ahead and hire them immediately? No! Once you select a wedding planner, read the contract carefully before signing it. The last thing you’d want is to discover additional items that were billed by the planner and made you go over your budget. When examining the contract, ask for revisions and clarity where you don’t understand. Seal the deal only after ensuring the service terms are acceptable.

You’ll be entrusting your wedding planner with the most special day of your life. Do not hire on a whim. Take the above important steps to ensure the person you hire understands you, suits your preferences and won’t give you any nasty last-minute surprises on their invoice.

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5 Top Tips for Choosing Your First Dance Song

For some couples, choosing the first dance song is a walk in the park because they have “their song”. For others, it is more challenging for one or more reasons. Maybe one partner loves the blues, and the other is a metal head. Some may also be overwhelmed by the numerous great options to choose from.
If you are looking for your perfect first dance song or a good list of potential songs to choose from, we have five helpful pointers for you.

1. Special Moments

In your relationship, you’ve had some memorable moments. Think back to the special events you’ve attended such as a festival, great concert or even a holiday. You can choose a song that reminds you of such events. Remember the first kiss, the first movie you went to watch together or that moment he proposed? If there was a song playing, it would have a special meaning for the two of you and would make a great first dance song.

2. Something You Both Love

If there are certain songs that you both love, coming up with one song for your dance should not be hard. If you have totally different tastes in music, you’ll have to compromise so as to get that ideal song. Each of you can review suggestions for first dance songs on the internet and make a list of the top choices. Settle on the song that appears on both lists.

voltaire wedding, couple, wedding couple, wedding website

3. Something You Can Dance To

The song you choose should be something that you and your spouse-to-be feel comfortable dancing to. Put on the tune and try to dance to it. Do you find the beat too fast or too slow for you to move to? If it doesn’t feel right, look for something else. Remember everyone will be watching you as you set the mood for the entire evening. Therefore, in addition to having personal significance, the song should be danceable.

4. Consider Your Theme

It is a very good idea to choose a song that fits your wedding theme. If you decide to have a vintage theme, a modern love song may not be appropriate. A timeless classic song like “At Last” by Etta James would be a better choice. A tune from the jazz music genre would fit the “Old Hollywood Glamour” theme perfectly.

wedding: bride and groom on the seashore. Honeymoon. The bride and groom hugging on the shore of Lake. groom and bride hugging on a green lake. Groom and Bride in a park. wedding dress. Bridal wedding bouquet of flowers

5. Listen To the Lyrics

The song may have many qualities of a good first dance song, but have you listened to the wording? A love song may have a romantic title but have lyrics about something totally different. For instance, “I Will Always Love You” may sound like the perfect song to declare your lifelong commitment to each other. However, the song is actually about a breakup. “Crash Into Me” has a sexy title but is about a stalker. Do not just consider the title or the chorus, listen to the entire song.
Your song is just as important as the dance itself. Once you find that perfect first dance song, start working on your moves. Ideally, you should begin practising at least 3 months to your wedding. This will give you enough time to plan and perfect your dance.

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Getting in shape for your wedding day

Gleaming locks, radiant complexion and a healthy feel-good glow — while we don’t all need a Barbie doll waist there are a few basics on every gal’s list for her wedding day.

If you want to look your best you’ve got to feel your best too. In anticipation of the big event, what do you need to do to achieve that ‘fresh from the inside out’ feeling?

You’ve guessed it. We’re back to the four old favourites — diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation. Start now and within weeks you’ll begin to see results. Intensify coming up to the day, and your sterling efforts will have been worth every puff, pant and pastry denial.

You are what you eat

Water is amongst your best pre-wedding buddies, with hydration being the magic ingredient in a clear complexion. But do you rise in the morning craving endless glasses of water to drain during the hours ahead? Eh… no. So find ways to make it more appealing, even if you have to drink from a cocktail glass with fruit and an umbrella stuck in the top. Make sure there’s always a jug of water with mint and squeezed lemons in the fridge, or pour a super-small dash of juice and add a large amount of cool sparkling water.

Mojito drink with splash

A few key things that will keep you in the healthy-eating camp:

• Throw away the bread basket and buy fibre crackers instead. If this is just too boring, choose an alternative like wholemeal pitta over the hyper-carb glossy, white, bagel option
• Eat a low GI (glycemic index) diet, rich in whole grains with plenty of fruit and vegetables link-
• Choose fresh fish over heavy red meat
• Eat food rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as avocados, olive oil, kidney beans and flax seed
• Detox regularly — a green smoothie packed with the right vitamins and minerals at lunch is a surefire way to keep your system healthy (with a juice bar on every second corner these days it’s no tall order to fulfil)
• Zinc is king when it comes to a good complexion. Find it in pumpkin or sesame seeds (delicious on a salad), chickpeas (you can find these in humous) and lentils (so good in soup)
• Portion control is where it’s at — eat smaller amounts, at regular intervals
• When your sweet tooth refuses to budge, graze on organic dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa — just be thrifty with your intake

There’s magic in motion

Exercise reduces stress levels and keeps both our minds and bodies in gear.

So whether it’s a 30 minute brisk walk, a gentle yoga workout, a crazy game of squash or a languid game of golf, find an activity that you enjoy, and make it a regular part of your week.

If life is just too hectic to put aside an hour at a time, there are lots of videos available on 20 minute workouts that you can do at home.Attractive girl lifting weights sitting on a ball

Sleep like a baby

Winding down at the end of a manic day is often easier said than done. But a regular sleep pattern is central to optimal health:

• Back away from the iPad! A couple of hours before turning in, put your digital paraphernalia to bed and let your mind relax, unfettered by the perilous pitfalls of social media
• Lock up the fridge and clamp up the cupboards — if you can avoid eating after 8 or 9pm, your digestive system is less likely to interfere with your slumber requirements
• Dim the lights, run a bath, read a book or listen to some gentle music — the switch off routine is on.

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Best day of our lives! by Arianne & Garrett

Garrett left Ireland to do a round the world trip after his PhD and ended up in Sydney, Australia when finances started to ran out. At the time I was still doing my Masters in Nursing at the University of Sydney. He found a job and was not planning to stay for long but ended up staying for about 3-4years. After 6 months of his stay in Sydney, Garrett and I met at a random night out in Oxford St and had a crazy dance off and this is how our story started. Since we met we have never really been apart, we moved in after a few months together and later decided to move back to Ireland.


After a year in Ireland, we travelled around South Africa and made me climb up the steep Table Mountain and when we got to the top, admiring the views, Garrett suddenly got weak on the knees and proposed!

As soon as he proposed we knew straightaway that we’d love to get married in the Philippines. So we excitedly told family and friends that we got engaged, told them the location so they can save up! :-) I, being a super excited, have pretty much researched and booked the important things before we even got back from our holiday. A week after getting back from South Africa, we had more good news and found out we were expecting a baby so we had a long engagement, long enough so our baby could walk down the aisle!


Organising our wedding from Ireland was not easy especially with a baby so I got Detalye weddings to help me organise our wedding. We got married on the 30th December, 2014 at Chapel on the Hill followed by reception at HillCreek Gardens Tagaytay. We both love the outdoors so we chose to get married in a church with lovely mountain views and we had a garden reception. Most of our guests travelled for our wedding so we made sure that the wedding will be a special experience for them too. We had a traditional Filipino wedding ceremony, Garrett and all the men at the bridal party all wore the traditional formal wear called Barong. We had the candle, veil and cord ceremony. We had full choir and quartet for church music. There was a traditional ice cream cart waiting outside after church ceremony. Guests were then transported by bus to the reception where guests where welcomed with hors d’oeuvres, frozen margaritas and many other drink choices.

We had a choir, quartet, band and a DJ for music throughout the reception to dance the night away. We thanked our guests by giving the ladies freshwater pearl earrings and cufflinks for the men as favours, the kids also got backpacks with activity book, crayons, bubbles, toy watch and snacks. Our prenup photos where played whilst waiting for the bridal party’s grand entrance with sparklers and indoor fireworks. We went for a buffet reception to give guests more choice and for a change. We had SDE video shown before we cut the cake, which was worth every penny! Just after the cake was cut we had a spectacular 5 minute firework display with the band singing Firework by Katy Perry in the background, which was a hit to the guests! We then had the shoe game, bouquet and garter tossing, which was a great laugh and breaks all formalities of a wedding before the dancing began and bartenders start serving shots on the dance floor! It was definitely a great way to end the year!

cord dsc_0028 dsc_0048 dsc_0067 dsc_0084 dsc_0103 dsc_0146 dsc_0168 dsc_0186 dsc_0196 dsc_0275 dsc_0303 dsc_0318 dsc_0334 dsc_0349 dsc_0397 dsc_0536 dsc_0869 dsc_1479 dsc_1520 dsc_1532 img_0012 img_0014 img_0023 img_0082 img_0104 img_0130 img_0233 img_0237 img_0248 img_0249 img_0255 img_0297 img_0306 img_0312 img_0341 img_0371 img_0384 img_0390 img_0391 img_0400 img_0427 img_0445 img_0457 img_0476 img_0480 img_0482 img_0493 img_0499 img_0508_edited img_0512_edited img_0533 img_0657 img_0658 img_0675 img_0730 img_0760 img_0802 img_0862 img_1221

We thought we were going to have a small wedding as we weren’t expecting many to travel the distance not to mention the costs involved. We had 130 guests on the day, which was a great turn out and we thank and appreciate each and every one of our family and friends who travelled from all over the world to celebrate our special day with us.

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Wedding Hair Insurance

Wedding Hair Insurance: Tips to Avoid a Wedding Hair Disaster

Your hair is just as important to your overall look as your wedding gown. Picking the wrong hairstyle could easily overshadow all the other wonderful aspects of your look. We’ve come up with a simple guide to help you make your hair picture-perfect on your wedding day.

Start Early

During the wedding season, the reputable hair stylists are usually fully booked. Book an appointment with your stylist at least four months before your special event. Start formulating your hairstyle at least three months to the event. You’ll have enough time to experiment with different styles and find something you love.

Bring Examples

When meeting your hair stylist, carry loads of pictures of other brides, celebrities and any other person who’s rocking a hairdo you love. Pictures help prevent misunderstandings between you and your stylist. You should also carry photos of your outfit or décor to give her a clue to your style and theme.Stylist pinning up a bride's hairstyle

Have a Hair Rehearsal

It is important to have a clear picture of how you will look on your wedding day. Book a tryout service well in advance of the D-day. During the trial run, your stylist can try out different styles. The two of you can then settle on one.

Choose Colour Wisely

You might want to colour your hair for your wedding. Have you thought about what will happen if you don’t like how the shade looks on you? To add insult to injury, the photos will serve as an everlasting reminder of how much you hated your wedding hair. The best thing to do is not to step too far away from the current colour of your hair. Going with your natural hair colour will also work just fine.

Don’t Look Too Different

Thinking of chopping off your beautiful long locks for a pixie cut just a few weeks to your wedding? You’ll be courting disaster. Don’t make a drastic change to your regular look. Your guests should easily recognize you for who you are. A complete change will also make you look artificial.

Think About the Venue

Are you having your wedding indoors or outdoors? What are the external factors that might come into play during the day? When choosing your perfect hairstyle, you should consider your venue. Some hairstyles won’t go well with your location’s climate. An elaborate updo, for instance, can get destroyed by the wind. Loose hair may also give you a hard time in the wind. You’ll have to invest in plenty of extra hold products. A simple, solid hairstyle like a sleek bob, bun or single braid will be more ideal.Beauty wedding hairstyle. Bride

Choose Hair Accessories Carefully

Hair accessories such as hair ornaments can overpower your hair. If you have an elaborate hairstyle, wear a simple headpiece and vice versa. You can combine a classic updo with an elegant veil. Wrap long, straight hair elegantly in a chignon and decorate it with strings of pearls or clips. A floral crown compliments wavy hair.

Your hair stylist can also advise you on the hair accessories that work best with your hair. Be open to her suggestions.

Coordinate With Your Dress

Your wedding hair should be in tandem with your dress. If you’ll change your dress for the evening reception, select a hairdo that will match both dresses. And don’t forget your bridesmaids. Make sure your hairdo works well with what they’re wearing as well.



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Forest Wedding Theme

Can you dare to be different? If yes, we highly recommend you choose a forest wedding theme. This unique theme doesn’t require anything fancy or extravagant. You just have to use natural elements to enhance the already stunning natural setting. Not planning to have your celebration outside? No problem.

You can still enjoy your theme indoors with a combination of enchanting hanging lights and greenery. Green and ivory colour scheme will complement this theme. Evergreens tree branches and candles used as centrepieces will set the tone of the event on the table. Woodland-inspired decorations such as birds’ nests, tree branches and aspen leaves are ideal for adorning the different cake layers. Check out the pictures below to fuel inspiration for your big day.

Source: Pinterest

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7 Tips for Planning a Marvellous Beach Wedding

When you think of a beach wedding, you envision lovely fluffy sand, nice breeze and enticing scenery. But have you thought about the unbearable wind, noisy tides and curious onlookers? Beach weddings have some unique challenges that have to be considered during the planning process.
We have compiled some handy tips to help you pull off a fantastic beach wedding.

1. Dress Appropriately

Beach weddings call for special dresses and veil styles. A princess ball gown will make it harder for you to walk on the beach and take photos. Choose a dress made of light, airy fabric such as cotton, crepe and organza to keep you cool and allow for more movement. Beach weddings have a relaxed atmosphere so you can choose to wear a shorter dress.
Avoid wearing a long veil. It will cause you lots of trouble in the wind and make life harder for the photographer. A better alternative would be to accessorise your hair with fresh flowers.
Sand and heels are like oil and water. Ditch heels for shoes that don’t sink in the sand like wedges and sandals. Even better, you can go barefoot. But if you can’t picture yourself walking down the aisle without heels, a wooden walkway can be created for you. It will make it possible for you to wear your heels and also blend well with the surroundings.

wedding website, voltaire weddings, beach wedding

2. Time It Right

When planning a beach wedding, it is important to think about the time of day. High temperatures may not be favourable for some of your guests, especially young kids and old folks. High tide can affect beach space and destroy your layout. Check with the venue to learn about the typical weather and have the ceremony at the best time.

3. Choose The Right Flowers

Heat and direct sunlight are enemies to many flowers. For your beach wedding, you’ll need flowers that can last in the outdoor heat. Flowers that wilt easily like roses, hydrangea, bouvardia and poppies are a no-no. Orchids, plumeria, calla lilies, chrysanthemums and succulents will work well. Impressive wedding table setup

4. Rent A Sound System

There is a lot of background noise at the beach. Your audio can be easily absorbed by the wind and crashing waves. Provide a sound system to enable your guests hear your vows. Use a microphone windscreen to reduce wind noise.

5. Guide Your Guests

Make sure your guests know the section of the beach where the ceremony will take place. Put a welcome bag at the front of your wedding site and place the necessary items to prepare them for the setting, for example, bottled water, beach blankets, sunscreen and hand fans.voltaire weddings,  wedding website, wedding sign

6. Get A Permit

Check with your wedding coordinator or venue to ensure you have the necessary beach permits.

7. Have A Plan B

Mother Nature loves doing things her own way. You can never be quite sure of what she’ll throw your way. You should have a backup plan in the event of a sudden change in weather. Make arrangements with a nearby hall or hotel to serve as an indoor alternative.
By following these tips, you’ll give your guests a memorable beach party. Don’t be surprised if one of your unmarried friends decides to say “I do” on the sand as well.

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Gina & Eoin @ Sunset Beach Club Spain

We celebrated our special day on the 25th of April 2015. The wedding took place in Benalmadena, Spain. We wanted to do something different and have the opportunity for one big friends/family holiday (plus getting hitched) The day was so special. We had so much time with our guests as all went over days prior to the wedding. We had visited the hotel before a year before to have the wedding taster meal.

Unfortunately I had a reaction to the food, when i got home i went to the doctor and they couldn’t tell me why. We loved the place and took a chance of a red faced bride! The meal and reception was held in the Sunset Beach Club, just by the beach. (I didn’t have a reaction on the day) Thank god!

We both thought that maybe 20 of our friends and family would make it over, to our surprise 80 people agreed to come! Some from as far and USA and Australia. And what a party we had! The ceremony was held in a catholic church. The priest was so funny, and decided to surprise us by asking Eoin first, what he liked and didn’t like about me. To everyone’s surprise he said I can be sometimes LOUD! this was very funny in the church. I had time to prepare for with my answer, to which I said, I love everything about him :)

We had a brilliant wedding planner which made the day go off without a problem. I would love to go back one day! Drag the 80 people back maybe :)

Gina and Eoin

19090_1022623297749094_4717290095440529138_n 885948_1034654763212614_2611553679860751552_o 1459225_1022624437748980_8533071773609753747_n 1487250_1022624414415649_6651941136712099465_n 1610920_1022623564415734_1091748017642342425_n 1978630_1022623091082448_507854826932817818_n 10153289_1022624167749007_6022457352242327224_n 10394776_1022623051082452_1600741925949372894_n 10408533_1034671126544311_5630216133311581430_n 10418355_1022624347748989_7091709828004739174_n 10420422_1022623341082423_620423248641762782_n 10533101_1022623964415694_1260590317852129936_n 10533101_1022624637748960_3756741086903332740_n 10609592_1022623934415697_5658450717581479053_n 10849761_1034671589877598_7939685036910381299_n 10978534_1022623294415761_5537749664886642940_n 11037812_1022624081082349_5215081530358950977_n 11038996_1022624391082318_4840096460728946471_n 11062645_1022624244415666_7194278506116120769_n 11110162_1022624551082302_6485054419806013485_n 11143712_1034672493210841_3127158315289939170_o 11148705_1022623834415707_1144770326101153197_n 11149525_1034671176544306_5740310789179904438_n 11150877_1022623781082379_3229365760152399092_n 11180316_1022623237749100_5096897936186961795_n 11200892_1022623721082385_9170804522061840546_n 11206041_1022623627749061_6511893339208487455_n 11206100_1022624541082303_539068955238620787_n 11206121_1022624101082347_6762098453036265870_n 11207336_1022624641082293_6057793871579047846_n 11215759_1022624147749009_1726447793958409232_n 11219351_1022623664415724_2815639272264843737_n 11219351_1022624607748963_2737453543564210167_n 11224879_1022624281082329_5944068816573897899_n 11233180_1022624417748982_8648870030492954897_n 11233786_1022624024415688_1851060242161650377_n 11238974_1022623094415781_5310253953957195814_n 11253232_1022623861082371_3689444725609164923_n 11269251_1034677043210386_911901656474995913_o 11270420_1034672563210834_2120673306860030197_o 11270562_1034687273209363_7451070232946000683_o 11270697_1034672673210823_2533107273809805355_o 11350434_1034671676544256_8199421781465160074_n 11392833_1034687249876032_7595353264291714455_o 11393552_1034687293209361_2265609723156045334_o 11401274_1034671743210916_1869221823531131819_n 11406157_1034656759879081_1319655102073450071_o 11406190_1034687253209365_5186073650964178868_o 11406208_1034672199877537_3446737530681612941_o 11406258_1034672749877482_5159427376740788119_o 11406942_1034671319877625_6479718265992521460_n 11412151_1034671999877557_3417948142588721755_o copy 11412151_1034671999877557_3417948142588721755_o 11412216_1034672129877544_3457206970220316487_o 11412260_1034672316544192_4189718124126278204_o 11423626_1034671066544317_5979708721209072488_n

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10 Exceptionally Creative Save the Date Ideas

Save the Dates do come in handy. They tell your guests you’ve chosen a date for your wedding and that they’ve made the list. They give you an excellent opportunity to set the tone and build excitement for your wedding. Instead of the classic cards, you can go for some fun non-traditional ways. Let’s share our top 10 brilliant ideas.

1. Watercolour

Watercolour is an easy DIY technique that requires no artistic inclination for you to pull it off. The combination of soft pastel and hand lettering will appeal to your friends and family and persuade them to mark their calendars.

2. Mini Easel

A great way to ensure your Save the Date remains in your guests’ view is by displaying it on a mini wooden easel. You will need a paint brush, glue, scissors, mini canvas and easel to DIY this cute Save the Date and a small box to send it via post office.

3. Stamps

Custom stamps give your Save the Dates a unique spin. You can give guests a clue of how your wedding will be by correlating the ink to your theme. The stamps can be imprinted on many different surfaces such as muslin bags, library cards, postcards and notepads.

4. Magnet

A Save the Date magnet can be stuck on a fridge, reminding guests of your big day several times each day. Get an image you consider to be symbolic of your wedding affixed on a magnet. Add details such as your names and wedding date.

5. Calendar

A customised calendar that has your wedding date clearly marked will make your day unforgettable. You can do it yourself using a computer or have a stationer print them.

6. Matchbox

What better way to show how you and your partner are a perfect match than using custom-printed matchboxes? They double as nice keepsakes your guests can use after the special event.

7. Bookmark

If the two of you are bonded over books, Save the Date bookmarks will be perfect for you. Guests can use them to bookmark their calendars or a page in their current read.

8. Balloon

Printed balloons are fun, adorable and interactive. When guests inflate them, they’ll see all your wedding details.

9. Location photo

Use your Save the Date to pay homage to a special location such as the city where you first met. You can display the city’s skyline or a particular landmark with a bold text overlay.

10. Video

For something unique, produce a Save the Date video. You can choose to work with a professional videographer, friend or just the two of you. Tell your love story in three parts: the beginning, middle and the end where you emphasize the date. After you’re done, email your video to friends and family. To make it more memorable, save the video on DVDs and send them out to friends in customised packaging.
Save the Dates can tell your guests what to expect on your big day. Make a lasting impression by using one of the above unique ways.

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